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Behind The Mask Costume Store hire details.


Hire Charges:

Full Costumes (including accessories, wig and cleaning) - $60.00

Super Deluxe Costumes (including accessories, wig and cleaning) - $100.00

Part Costumes (including cleaning) from $20.00

Full and Super Deluxe Costume hire fees include all accessories, wig etc that go with the costume. All hire fees also include costume cleaning. Woohoo!

Things you need to know:

When you hire a costume from Behind The Mask we will ask you to look after it. Before you can take it from the shop we will also:

  1. CA$H Ask you to leave a credit card imprint

  2. Bullet Ask for payment of the applicable hire fee

  3. Click here for a huge selection of dancewear, dance shoes, leotards and accessories online. Request you to provide us with photo identification such as a drivers licence or passport.

  4. CA$H Ask you to sign the hire terms and conditions. These are also detailed below for you to read.

Hire Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment Types Costumes remain the property of Behind the Mask at all times.

  2. A Photo ID  and proof of the Hirer’s address is required at time of booking.

  3. A hire fee is charged for all costumes. This fee is to be paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable if the costume is cancelled within 48 hours of the hire date.

  4. An imprint of a valid credit card is required in lieu of a deposit for each costume. Behind the Mask staff may, at their discretion, accept cash or EFTPOS deposits. The deposit  will be refunded only by the same payment method with which they were paid.

  5. Costumes that are not returned by their due date may incur a $20 per day charge for every day or part thereof that they are overdue. The Hirer agrees to pay any fees over and above their deposit up to a maximum value equivalent to the replacement cost of the costume as notified by Behind The Mask plus a $50.00 administration fee.

  6. Click to Email Us Costumes and accessories that are lost will be charged to the Hirer at retail replacement cost . The Hirer agrees to pay any such costs.

  7. The cost of repairs to any costumes or accessories resulting from damage occuring during the hire period will be charged to the Hirer. If this cost is greater than replacement cost, the Hirer agrees to pay the replacement cost of the damaged item.

  8. Refunds are not available if you change your mind. Costumes may not be exchanged once they have been taken from the premises.

  9. Dance wear, Dance Shoes, and all your dance gear available in store. Click for details. Do not wash or clean the costumes in any way. This service is included in your hire costs.

  10. Bullet Costumes may not be altered in any way. Any costume that you alter will be treated as though it is damaged.

  11. Bullet The Hirer agrees to indemnify Behind the Mask against all claims and demands of any injury, damage and loss arising from the use of the costume, and whether in respect of death or injury to person/persons or damage to property not covered by insurance, and to further indemnify Behind The Mask against all costs resulting from any misuse of the costume in any illegal or dangerous activity. (Please remember you are NOT superman. You cannot fly.)

Payment Types